Short City Break Destinations from Amritsar

 Amritsar, situated in Punjab, believed to have been laid in 1574, attracts a lot of pilgrims predominantly for its Golden temple, apart from a host of other sightseeing options there are myriads of side trips from this city. Check out the nearby short city break destinations from Amritsar.


Book flight tickets to Amritsar and visit an old town in Himachal Pradesh set amidst the hills which is 3 and 1/2 hours by road. This is one of the most visited hill station in north and in close proximity to Amritsar which is known for its colonial charm. It is stretched over five hills and the town has been baptized after the 19th century British Governor General Lord Dalhousie. It was a popular holidaying hotspot with the British Army personnel in 1860s.


It is another popular hill town of Himachal Pradesh and stands right on the banks of river Ravi.  It is located at a distance of 5 hours away from road and one of the nearby places of attraction in Amritsar. This former princely state and district headquarter, is one of the oldest in the century and dates back to the sixth century. It is known for its breathtaking architecture and a base for numerous excursion trips.


A trip to Dharamshala can be taken together while holidaying in Amritsar, by road it is about 3 and ½ hours. One can expect to be completely transferred to a new environment as this mesmerizing hill station of Himachal Pradesh attracts tourists due to its snow-capped mountains which is completely contrast to the bustling city life of Amritsar.


The capital city of Punjab and Chandigarh takes only 5 hours by road from Amritsar, and is popular for its well laid out sectors and road that was designed by Le Cobusier. It is different from other cities of India and unlike them it is much cleaner, greener, planned, affluent and has high literacy levels. Chandigarh represents the face of modern India as envisioned by its first prime minister - Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

It is also known as Upper Dharamshala, this cool tourist destination is only 3 hours 49 minutes from Amritsar. It is the renowned seat of the Tibetan spiritual head- Dalai Lama. The city was named after the former Governor of Punjab under British rule, David Mcleod. It is also the administrative headquarter of the Tibetan Government in exile. Mcleodganj is well known learning center of Buddhist dharmas and Tibetan culture, due to which it has also been nicknamed as the Little Lhasa.


 An interesting and small locale of Himachal Pradesh, by road it is takes only 4 hours and 40 minutes, it represents the charisma of unruffled tourist destination so book cheap flights to Amritsar, India. This picturesque hill station is known for its graceful Victorian mansion and picture perfect environs. An appealing place that is known for its tranquility, implanted in the evergreen trees like willows, firs and willows.
For a much promising holiday experience in India, Southern region could be an ideal option with a host of hill stations and pilgrims covering a major part of the land.

There’s more to explore in south of India than what meets the eyes. Hill stations like Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal and religious sites like Rameshwaram, KanyaKumari, Tirupati, Kanchipuram, Madurai, etc are much sought after tourist spots of India and draw immense crowd from across the world to country through South India Tour Package.

Top 10 Must Try Activities In South India

Temple Visit: People keen to experience the religious spirit of the country; temples in the southern region are the best way to observe the religious customs and the purity of unconditional faith in God. Each and every temple designed in the Dravida style of architechture represents the artisitic finesse of the ancient craftsmen. Lingaraja Temle, Tirupati Tirumala Temple, Meenakshi Temple and Kailash Temple are few examples of the spectacular architecture of south India and its cultural legacy.

Backwaters: The fascinating surrounding and the calm atmosphere of the backwaters in Kerala, takes you to the trance from where you wolud never want to return. The bakwaters in south hold immense grace and poise with the enchanting balmy beaches around, verdant greens, canopies of coconuts, and captivating water bodies. All this combined with the thrilling houseboats make it one of the most stirring holiday spots in India and Asia.

Ayurvedic Therapy: A tour to south India can never be absolute without experiencing the rich and tempting special Ayurvedic Massage Therapies of the region. The activity has become more of a ritual as no one wants to miss the blissful ambiance and the soothing treatment after hiting the land of Kerala. Moreover, you’ll find ample of resorts that provide exotic ayurvedic spa treatments at the most high-end resort spas.  This most unique branch of medicine is a complete naturalistic system that depends upon the diagnosis of your body’s humours-Vata, Pitta and Kapha- to achieve a right balance.                                                                                                                                                

Wildlife: You can spot the rarest of rare animals in the affluent jungles and wildlife sanctuaries of the different states of south India. The region house the widest range of wildlife with hundreds of mammals and birds at country’s some of the best wildlife reserves. Nagarhole National Park, Periyar National Park, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary are among the chief wildlife destinations that offer a stunning escaped in southern part of India.
Festivals: The festive culture of south India has a completely different and unique flavor from other parts of the country. The entire approach is so fascinating that one can spend hours watching the cultural events during any festival with equal fervor. The cheerful atmosphere during the popular festivals of the south like Onam, Thrissur Pooram, Pongal, Jallikattu and Velankani combined with the lip-smacking special gastronomic deligth of the south give you enough reason to cherish this intriguing South India Tour.
Bali, the tropical delight:  Bali, one of the most sensuous tropical holiday destinations in Asia, is located just at 8* south of the Equator. More than 1,000,000 visitors head to Bali in a year from all across the globe to experience the divine milieu of this charismatic city. The place is satiated with enormous natural wealth that adds wonders to its scenic charm.

Long secluded beaches hemmed with most exotic tropical plantation create an unparalleled ambiance for those romantic couples longing to flee from the city buzz with direct flights to Bali from London. And, those who wish to explore a peerless adventure sport on a holiday in Asia; Bali has it for you too. Let’s take a look what this exciting place offers under a budget of $50.

Top 7 Things To Do In Bali Under $50

1.       Donut Boat: There are a number of shapes and sizes of boats and rafts that are used for exploring the ever exciting water sports in Bali. A donut boat is a donut shaped vessel that is pulled by a speed boat and two or four people can sit together on one boat. The activity offers great fun to people without putting any physical effort and cost merely $20.

2.       Surfing: A lot of vacationers come to Bali especially for surfing as the place offers some stunning locations for begginers up to the higher levels. Among the best spots for surfing are Kuta, paddang-padang and uluwatu.  This incredible recreation activity can be done at an economical charge of $35. 

3.       Safari Park: Bali is home to countless striking animals with numerous rare and endangered species. The Safi tour combines the Balinese cultural ambience with African Savannah and features wildlifes like Sumatrapan elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, lopard, komodo dragon and cheetash which are absolute delight to watch. Bali Safari and Marine Park tours are available for somwthing aorund $49.

4.       Parasailing: Parasailing is another interesting sport that can be experienced with a little daring required for the action. In parasailing, a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute, called parasail. The parascender has little or no control over the parachute. The excitement is unparalleled and costs $20 aprrox after taking flights to Bali holiday vacations. 
5.       Snorkeling: Snorkeling in Bali is an experience for a lifetime. The place is just apt for skin diving with a snorkeling mask into the crystal blue waters filled with marine inhabitants and beautiful coral reefs. All you need to pay for this is $25. 

6.       White Water Rafting: White water rafting is something you cannot miss on a trip to Bali. It is one of the popular recreational activities among travelers flying to Bali on an excursion. A little challenging but full of thrill, white water rafting is done using an inflatable raft to navigate the river by a group of people. You can experience the sport for something around $41 to 45.

7.       Banana Boat: Get a thrilling ride on the inflatable Banana shaped boat towed by a speed boat on the vivacious beaches of Bali. The boat can carry a group of 5 together that lets you enjoy the exciting ride with your friends shouting your heart out with every dodgy tide. All this can be availed at a nominal cost of $17 to $20 after cheap flights to Bali, Indonesia from UK.
Travelling to India for a business or leisure trip? Find the best of party options in the country for that added punch of excitement boozing up all night.

To ease out the strain after a day long excursion one need to get that right place to set the mood for an ultimate nightout with friends while a Holiday in India. Let’s check out some exotic party hotspots in the country.

Best Nightlife Places in India

Goa: With a dynamic cultural ethnicity and an enchanting scenic charm, Goa has been a popular choice among the holidayers in India and abroad. The city boasts an exceptionally cosmic nightlife with an extensive bouquet of most stylish nighclubs and bars. North Goa is usually the place to hangout for party hopping. Tito’s Café and Mambo’s bear Baga, Butter Lounge at Candolim, Café Del Mar and Paradiso are some great options apart from the smashing casinos on the cruise that run round the clock.

Mumbai : Amid the fast paced lifestyle, Mumbai encompasses a rocking nightlife that gears up the inner spirit of partying all night.The city is no less than any international metrocity when it comes to the partying and nightout. Hawaiian Shack, Hard Rock Café, Shiro’s, Polly Esther’s, Red Light, Frangipani, Aurus, Rock Bottom, Bling and Blue Frog are names that make this city stand out as one of the hottest party destinations in India that can be reached with book cheap flights to India.                  

Delhi: The capital city of India is yet another place that puts forth an incredible list of the most swanky night clubs and bars in the country. Delhi may not have as happening a nighlife as Goa or Mumbai but it does have a few places that offer unbeatable ambiance, music and wine which are hard to resist. Capitol in Chanakyapuri, F Bar at Ashoka Hotel, Ai in Saket, LAP, Elevate, Agni and many other discotheques in Malls at Gurgaon are few places that can make your night the most memorable one in the town. With flight tickets to India, you can experience these captivating hotspots with an unbeatable ease.

Pune: No one could ever think that a city so calm and serene can turn out into an electrifying party hub at night. So paradoxical is the terrain of this beautiful city. A thriving educational and industrial hub, Pune is the next most apt place for the young and restless hunting for some real splurge.    

Kolkata: The city that has more than a dozen bands performing each night is probably one of those most vivacious places in the country where one can enjoy live music. Park Street is that one place in Kolkata that offers an array of discotheques and pubs that can drive your senses crazy. The must visit nightclubs in Kolkata include Tantra in The Park Hotel, Sisha, Underground, Some Place Else and Venom that are open till late and offer outstanding DJ and liquor.

Hyderabad: The city of Nawabs is full of vigor and charisma that strikes a chord with every visitor on that very first encounter. This burgeoning commercial hub too has a sound base of partygoers who take the city by storm as the night reaches its peak. BNC (Bottles ‘n’ Chimneys), Edge lounge, Dublin, Spoil and Liquids Again are some of the finest places to party in Hyderabad.

Bangalore: Bangalore is also known as the pub capital of India and has an intriguing nightlife with events happening throughout the night. Though there are certain time limitations but the bars start a little early for those craving souls.
Over the centuries Delhi had been ruled by various dynasties like the Rajputs, Arabs, Afghans, Mongols, Mughals and English. Punjabis have always been considered as the natives of Delhi and have always been labeled as the vivacious gastronomical souls but amazingly within short span of time they got back their lives and career after partition. Therefore Punjabi cuisine became the local cuisine of Delhi and to tickle your taste buds you need to go for Delhi holidays packages deals.

 The Die-hard Punjabi Cuisine

 Punjabis love to experiment and like to try a veritable splash of cuisines like Lebanese, Chinese, Israeli, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, Mexican, French, Morocco, Swiss and others. The famous Indian-Chinese cuisine is a Delhi product and going out in Delhi is usually associated with food. In late forties, that is before the onset of Punjabis, the orthodox Hindus in Delhi would usually not eat out thinking it to be unclean. It was actually reading between the lines which meant that the Hindus in Delhi were not sure who actually cooked the food. They had that typical Brahminist squeamishness which was followed by a surprising aggressiveness of the non-Brahmin castes like the kayasthas, kshtriyas and so on.

All these stopped abruptly once Punjabis set up Tandoori eateries all over Delhi especially near the Red Fort. Tandoori food was rich and succulent as they were cooked in hot clay ovens.  It was an immediate box-office hit and was quite famous among food lovers and today it takes a fair share in the menu of Delhi restaurants while also giving a nod to Mughlai dishes like kormas and pilafs. To get a share of all these you need to book cheap flights to Delhi from UK London.

The Mughlai Cuisine from the Emperor’s Era

 Another favorite among Delhites is the Mughlai cuisine and to taste the authentic ones just like mom makes there is no better place like the Old Delhi. From better to best taste you will find everything on a Mughlai platter in Delhi restaurants at some well known places in Delhi like the legendary Karim’s and Babu Khan’s near Jama Masjid. You can also try the Kallu’s Halim near Gali Chitli Qabar and Nalli Nahari in Beradari and beyond Ballimaran which truly know the art of preparing Mughlai food like the good old days of the emperors. Chandni Chowk is still revered as the best place to have authentic Mughlai cuisine whether it’s the main course meal, dishes or sweets.

 Sweets and Old Charm of Street Food

 If you have a sweet tooth then do not forget to visit the oldest sweet shop in Delhi-the Ghantewale which is into business since 1790 and it has been run by the same family all these years and now it is in the hands of eleventh generation. There is another Ghantewale Shahi Halwai which is in close proximity to the famous fountain in Delhi and is owned by members of the same family which branched out some time down the line. Do not forget to taste the street food of Delhi as it has its own charm, you can buy an array of street foods like roasted Bhuttes, peanuts, assorted pakoras and others so book last minute flight tickets to Delhi.
Why India?

Medical Tourism India or Health Tourism India is a full blown developing concept whereby people from world over visit India for their medical and relaxation needs.  Indian medical tourism industry experiences an annual growth rate of 30%, as medical treatment costs in the developed world balloon - with US and UK leading the way - more and more foreigners are finding the prospect of traveling to India for medical care increasingly appealing.

Affordable healthcare procedures at low cost, articulate and trained medical professionals, high quality medical travel provision to the global guests, widest possible treatment choices and tailored itineraries with support in travel, stay and luxury tourism packages (pre & post treatment) are some of the major crowd pullers with assistance in booking flight tickets to India.

Benefits of Medical Tourism India

·         World class (NABH & JCI accredited) services at pocket friendly costs

·         Thousands of skilled medical practitioners and nursing staff (many of them have returned from west after leaving successful practice)

·         Infrastructure at par with those of western hospitals

·         Sophisticated medical services with the use of cutting edge technology

·         Ease of visa norms, cheap flight tickets to India and less documentation

·         Heaps of medical tourism coordinators for hassle free service provision

·         Dedicated interpreters for eradicating language barriers

·         Hospital association with major international insurance companies

Let us enumerate the top medical tourism centre in India for your comprehensive healthcare needs.

New Delhi, the growing Commercialist

Delhi/NCR has emerged as one of top medical tourism destinations in India. The government as well as private players are consistently keenly assessing the potential and means to tap the same. Many private players established high-tech hospitals and are providing health care facilities; which matches the highest top notch benchmarks of healthcare delivery worldwide.

From the existing set ups to the new players, investment and efforts devoted into promotion and sustainability of medical tourism has seen over night successes. Major giants offering unparalleled medical support to the ailing across the globe are:

·         Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaon ·         Dr. B. L. Kapur Memorial Hospital, New Delhi ·         Max Hospitals, New Delhi ·         Fortis group of hospitals, New Delhi ·         Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi ·         Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon Southern India, India’s health capital

Tamil Nadu, the southernmost tip of India, is a pioneer in providing medical care on par with the finest hospitals in the West in almost every medical arena, and has implemented many policies for cheap medical tourism in India. It has plush corporate hospitals especially in Chennai, the health capital of India. Chennai leads the fare as far as eye treatments are concerned being the state with many highly successful eye care centres. Other global healing players are:

·         Apollo Hospital, Chennai

·         Fortis Group, Malar

·         Malar Hospitals, Chennai

·         MIOT, Chennai

·         Madras Medical Mission, Chennai

·         Sankara Netralaya, Chennai

Other hospitals worth mentioning

·         Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai & Bangalore

·         Aravind Eye Hospitals, Madurai

·         Narayana Hospitals, Bangalore

·         Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

·         Batra Hospital & Research Centre, New Delhi
Travelers coming to India for obvious reasons as culture, heritage, sightseeing, nightlife and cuisine but a few dare hearts embark on a hair raising expedition to the most haunted places in India. Being an evolved country through several civilizations, wars and dynasties, India has a saga attached to every abandoned fort or palace, dried river or empty houses.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and get on to this eyeball widening holiday in India with cheap tickets to India from UK by Who knows, you may end up finding one shadow!

Let us brief you about some best haunted places in India that would really give you that real jolt. Drowse yourself in a pure hair rising experience.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

A ruined town in Alwar district of Rajasthan, Bhangarh, was built in 1613 by King Madho Singh but was abandoned soon after being cursed by a magician which led to the devastation of the entire town. Local stories say that whenever a house is built there, its roof collapses due to the magical spell.

A weekend getaway destination in day, nobody stays there after sunset (officially put up by Archaeological Survey of India). There have been actual stories of the people who never returned back after dark from the fateful trip. It is not just known as the most haunted place in India but also popular across the world for its paranormal activity. Did you just get goose bumps?

Ramoji Film Studio, Hyderabad

Ramoji Film studio has been built on the war grounds of Nizam Sultans and locals believe that the notorious ghosts of the dead soldiers haunt the place.

Witnesses have reported of several paranormal activities happening during the shoots such as leftover food being scattered around the room, lights falling off the ceiling, strange marks on mirror in Urdu, locked bathroom doors being knocked vigorously from inside and even the light men sitting high up in the studios have been pushed by invisible forces on multiple occasions leading to severe injuries. All the shoots are wrapped up before sunset as no one dares to stay there beyond that.

Kurseong Dow-Hill, West Bengal

Kurseong, a hill station in Darjeeling, West Bengal is rumored to be the centre of paranormal activities due to several accidents that have place in the vicinity. Locals say that they have heard the footsteps emanating in the corridor of the Victoria Boys School during the holidays of December to March. The place has stories to tell of several murders been committed in the woods near the school leaving a sense of eerie feeling in the air.

Reports of a headless boy being spotted between the stretch of hill road and forest that later disappears in to the woods, gripped the area. The locals say that anyone who has seen him is not even spared by his apparition in their dreams.

Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi

Delhi Cantt area, full of lush greenery and a visual treat is also one of the most haunted places in India. If rumors could be believed, on lookers have sighted a woman (probably a hitchhiker while alive) clad in a pure white sari gliding around with a candle who waves at the lonely passengers. It is said that if denied, she runs swiftly alongside the car at high speed and suddenly disappears. Mostly the sightings have been reported near Dwarka Metro Station.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Standing 2nd in Asia for being the most haunted place, this stretch of the beach has been notorious for its paranormal activities. One of the main reasons being Hindus burn their deceased on the beach. People have reported experiences like hearing strange whispers on the beach and the wind around the area seems to be full of spirits of dead people. Some eager tourists have also been known to disappear while talking walk on the beach at night.

Other popular haunted places in India are:

·         Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, Kota

·         Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

·         GP Block – Meerut

·         Raj Kiran Hotel & Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai

·         Tunnel no. 103, Shimla-Kalka Railway Line, Himachal Pradesh

The Remains of Holkar Dynasty

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is a merger of the glorious past with a brimming future. Sprawled luxuriously around the serene Malwa plateau, the city offers much to the back packers from heritage remains of Holkar dynasty in the form of temples, forts, monuments, museums, gardens and off course, the great food that would leave your taste buds wanting for more.

All this can be a dream click away from and grab all that you want under the sun, cheap flights to Indore from London, Indore holiday package and deals on some of the best hotels in Indore.

A Walk Closer to Nirvana

As much as cricket is synonym to Sachin Tendulkar, the same way Indore is for its divinely majestic temples. These religious temples bring hordes of tourists on flights to India with a curious outlook to explore more about their glory and the saga. Forming a major portion of the attractions in Indore, have a glimpse down of the famous temples in Indore.

Omkareshwara Temple, a fusion of natural & man made artistry

Shrine of Lord Shiva, the structure of this island appears in the shape of Hindu Om symbol. Set in the scenic surroundings, an exciting option to reach up to the temple can be a boat ride from the Omkareshwar town.

Accommodating 2 temple shrines in the town, one being Omkareshwar and the other being Amareshwar. Do not miss to buy some local hand crafted souvenirs from the town at very budget prices.

Annapurna Temple, take a grand entry

Dedicated to the goddess of food, this 100 feet tall Dravidian style temple is one of the oldest in Indore and thus one of the most crowd puller. The entrance to the temple is a grand sight with 4 large elephants supporting an ornate gate and the outer walls depicting colorful mythological images.

A major attraction of the temple is the 14.5 feet high statue of Lord Kashi Vishwanath in the lotus position along with separate temples for Annapurna, Shiva, Hanuman and Kal Bhairav inside. This temple, bearing a striking resemblance to the famous Meenakshi Temple of Madurai, is surely worth a visit.

Glass Temple, see your inner soul

A dazzling display of glass work and white stone, this spectacular medieval mansion dates back to the early 20th century. A splendid creation of glass, the interiors right from doors, floors, pillars, walls to ceiling are covered in multicolor glass panels and mosaics.

Daintily crafted glass lanterns and cut glass made chandeliers add beauty to the excellently crafted temple by many folds. Meticulously cut glass beads and the raised figure have a misleading impact on the eye, creating a three-dimensional effect and the effect of expansiveness.

See water in its mighty avatar at Patpalni Water Falls

A scenic locale in the suburban of Indore city, Patalpani is loved for its cascading waterfalls. The calm, quite and lustrous ambience of Patalpani makes it a favourite picnic spot among families and nature lovers. The gushing water of the cascade falls to an average depth of 200-300 feet is really enchanting.

Blessed with a hilly terrain, Patalpani offers numerous trekking expeditions, to gratify the adventurous itch of a mountaineer. Patalpani is a picture perfect hill station where one can rejoice the magnificence of cascades and explore the challenges of nature. However, the place is best to be avoided during monsoons.

Patna is a city with unique amalgamation of a distinguished past wrapped up with modernity and backed up with strong traditions. With holy Ganges flowing besides it since time immemorial, the city has witnessed great religions like Buddhism and Jainism. Synonymous with the name Gandhi, the city of Patna takes extreme pride in its Gandhi Maidan, Gandhi Setu and Gandhi Museum.

The city’s known past yet startling dug deep facts in to the history are bound to bring travelers on cheap flight tickets to Patna to visit this courteous city and have the amazingly best Patna Holiday.

Stay as a King at Patna Hotels

Patna platters a balanced array of hotels for accommodation ranging from luxury hotels to resorts to the medium and budget ones. Most of the hotels provide travel arrangement for sightseeing the nearby Flights to India. As the city has limited number of good hotels, availability can be scarce during any National or International events or festivals. Most of the best hotels in Patna are located in the vicinity of Airport and Railway station.

Maurya Patna, Royality at its best (***** stars)

Situated in the heart of Patna, at spitting distance from Patna Airport, this 2.5 acre adequate family and business hotel is the pioneer of all. Facing Gandhi Maidan and circled by lush gardens, this 75 roomed hotel has class of rooms ranging from Oriental or Empire suites to mid range rooms having all in room facilities. Food outlets, conference hall, banquet, swimming pool and a multi cuisine restaurant makes it the best and most frequented 5 star hotel hotels of Patna.

Address:              South Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar – 800001, India.

USP of the hotel: Being the only 5 star hotel in Patna makes it more desirable and frequented. Spot a celebrity or a politician on your stay.

Chanakya Hotel, Patna, Culinary Delight (**** stars)

In the vicinity of airport and railway station, this 67 roomed hotel has an edge over other hotels of Patna due to its fine dining surprises apart from the modernly amenities’ rooms. Featuring an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant serving Indian and continental dishes, it has some additional facilities as Doctor on call, high speed Wi-Fi and a dedicated travel desk. The hotel also arranges an aided sightseeing tour for the first time visitors.

Address:   Beer Chand Patel Marg, Patna, Bihar – 800001, India

USP of the hotel: Don’t miss the delectable cuisines to satiate your taste buds, the best in the city.

Hotel Windsor, Patna, A Budget Surprise (*** stars)

This 79 roomed hotel is a fine back packer’s choice if looking for a budget hotel in Patna in a nominal price. With tariff as low as next to nothing, the hotel accommodates categories from air conditioned single, double and deluxe rooms to Club, Mini Club and Royal club. An in house multi cuisine restaurant, assisted sightseeing services, medical assistance and a dedicated travel desk, it is one of the few affordable hotels in Patna which keeps the travelers rolling back to this place.

Address:   Beer Chand Patel Marg, Patna, Bihar – 800001, India

USP of the hotel: Try the unique Barbeque restaurant at the hotel for a different experience.

The city of cascading backwaters

Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum, the stunning capital city of amazing Kerala, is a must visit destination since ages for numerous reasons. Being located on the Western Ghats, the place is covered with panoramic lush greenery that makes Thiruvananthapuram a perfect gateway location for families and lone travelers.

What is synonymous to any prominent south Indian city is what you will find here. Greenest green surroundings, exotic tea and coffee estates, noted places of heritage and religions, back water stretches, renowned beaches and scrumptious food; bliss on earth.

Cheap flights to Trivandrum or flight tickets to Kerala from London are handy at for a splendid holiday in South India.

Feel serenity, warmth and rejuvenation at a Spa

Get the mind and body in harmony with invigorating natural, ayurvedic and therapeutic remedies at the spa in Trivandrum. Kerala is a known centre across the globe for its alternative healing sciences and the best rejuvenation and spa centres. Get a holistic spa treatment artfully combined with several other therapies and cleanse your exerted senses for a wonderful Indian holiday experience.

Must try spa treatments:

·         Indian head massage

·         Body scrub and body wrap

·         Aromatherapy and massage

·         Ayurvedic therapies as Udvartanam, Podi Kizhi, Abhyanga, etc.

·         Body bath (Citrus bath, Neerattu, Aroma bath, etc.)

Must visit Spa

·         Travancore Heritage Sea Side Resort

·         Country Spa Wellness Beach Resort

·         Natura Spa

·         Kottakal Arya Vaidya Shala

·         Uday Samudra Leisue Beach Hotel

Can you try 131 type of Masala Dosa?

Masala Dosa, The crispy Indian pancake stuffed with varieties of vegetables and spices is not just the most popular dish of South Indian cuisine but has been enlisted among “10 foods to try before you die”. Dating back to 13th century, this is one such meal touted to persuade a carnivore into a vegetarian.

Have it in breakfast or as an evening snack, have a potato filler or a mutton keema masala dosa, did your eyes just got widened? Yes. This quintessential South Indian dish can be made and served in as many as 131 variations to cater to the taste buds of everyone.

Your South Indian journey would be absolutely unaccomplished without visiting “Dosa Plaza” in Leela InfoPark, Trivandrum that are pioneers in making 27 trademarked dosas and 104 other varieties of dosas. However do also drop by Indian Coffee House in Palayam, Ariya Niwas and City Green Restaurant for distinguished Masala Dosa servings.

Sip a Cocoa Brew at small tea/coffee shacks

Be it the small tea/coffee shack or an expensive restaurant, the youth and the visitors are well equipped to make the best out of what they have and they are making it good. Nothing in the world can beat a rainy day in South Indian city with a cup (steel cup, that’s how most of the cafes serve there) of steaming hot coffee, enjoying the monsoon spell with your favorite book in hand. Feels divine!!youtube 

Some of the exotic places serving the Flights to India are Indian coffee house, Ambrosia, Marry Brown, All Spice and several other small coffee houses in the busy streets of Trivandrum. Get a quick caffeine rush with your favorite snack and an eye ball view of the greenery outside.


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