Over the centuries Delhi had been ruled by various dynasties like the Rajputs, Arabs, Afghans, Mongols, Mughals and English. Punjabis have always been considered as the natives of Delhi and have always been labeled as the vivacious gastronomical souls but amazingly within short span of time they got back their lives and career after partition. Therefore Punjabi cuisine became the local cuisine of Delhi and to tickle your taste buds you need to go for Delhi holidays packages deals.

 The Die-hard Punjabi Cuisine

 Punjabis love to experiment and like to try a veritable splash of cuisines like Lebanese, Chinese, Israeli, Italian, Indonesian, Spanish, Mexican, French, Morocco, Swiss and others. The famous Indian-Chinese cuisine is a Delhi product and going out in Delhi is usually associated with food. In late forties, that is before the onset of Punjabis, the orthodox Hindus in Delhi would usually not eat out thinking it to be unclean. It was actually reading between the lines which meant that the Hindus in Delhi were not sure who actually cooked the food. They had that typical Brahminist squeamishness which was followed by a surprising aggressiveness of the non-Brahmin castes like the kayasthas, kshtriyas and so on.

All these stopped abruptly once Punjabis set up Tandoori eateries all over Delhi especially near the Red Fort. Tandoori food was rich and succulent as they were cooked in hot clay ovens.  It was an immediate box-office hit and was quite famous among food lovers and today it takes a fair share in the menu of Delhi restaurants while also giving a nod to Mughlai dishes like kormas and pilafs. To get a share of all these you need to book cheap flights to Delhi from UK London.

The Mughlai Cuisine from the Emperor’s Era

 Another favorite among Delhites is the Mughlai cuisine and to taste the authentic ones just like mom makes there is no better place like the Old Delhi. From better to best taste you will find everything on a Mughlai platter in Delhi restaurants at some well known places in Delhi like the legendary Karim’s and Babu Khan’s near Jama Masjid. You can also try the Kallu’s Halim near Gali Chitli Qabar and Nalli Nahari in Beradari and beyond Ballimaran which truly know the art of preparing Mughlai food like the good old days of the emperors. Chandni Chowk is still revered as the best place to have authentic Mughlai cuisine whether it’s the main course meal, dishes or sweets.

 Sweets and Old Charm of Street Food

 If you have a sweet tooth then do not forget to visit the oldest sweet shop in Delhi-the Ghantewale which is into business since 1790 and it has been run by the same family all these years and now it is in the hands of eleventh generation. There is another Ghantewale Shahi Halwai which is in close proximity to the famous fountain in Delhi and is owned by members of the same family which branched out some time down the line. Do not forget to taste the street food of Delhi as it has its own charm, you can buy an array of street foods like roasted Bhuttes, peanuts, assorted pakoras and others so book last minute flight tickets to Delhi.

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