Bali, the tropical delight:  Bali, one of the most sensuous tropical holiday destinations in Asia, is located just at 8* south of the Equator. More than 1,000,000 visitors head to Bali in a year from all across the globe to experience the divine milieu of this charismatic city. The place is satiated with enormous natural wealth that adds wonders to its scenic charm.

Long secluded beaches hemmed with most exotic tropical plantation create an unparalleled ambiance for those romantic couples longing to flee from the city buzz with direct flights to Bali from London. And, those who wish to explore a peerless adventure sport on a holiday in Asia; Bali has it for you too. Let’s take a look what this exciting place offers under a budget of $50.

Top 7 Things To Do In Bali Under $50

1.       Donut Boat: There are a number of shapes and sizes of boats and rafts that are used for exploring the ever exciting water sports in Bali. A donut boat is a donut shaped vessel that is pulled by a speed boat and two or four people can sit together on one boat. The activity offers great fun to people without putting any physical effort and cost merely $20.

2.       Surfing: A lot of vacationers come to Bali especially for surfing as the place offers some stunning locations for begginers up to the higher levels. Among the best spots for surfing are Kuta, paddang-padang and uluwatu.  This incredible recreation activity can be done at an economical charge of $35. 

3.       Safari Park: Bali is home to countless striking animals with numerous rare and endangered species. The Safi tour combines the Balinese cultural ambience with African Savannah and features wildlifes like Sumatrapan elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, lopard, komodo dragon and cheetash which are absolute delight to watch. Bali Safari and Marine Park tours are available for somwthing aorund $49.

4.       Parasailing: Parasailing is another interesting sport that can be experienced with a little daring required for the action. In parasailing, a person is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute, called parasail. The parascender has little or no control over the parachute. The excitement is unparalleled and costs $20 aprrox after taking flights to Bali holiday vacations. 
5.       Snorkeling: Snorkeling in Bali is an experience for a lifetime. The place is just apt for skin diving with a snorkeling mask into the crystal blue waters filled with marine inhabitants and beautiful coral reefs. All you need to pay for this is $25. 

6.       White Water Rafting: White water rafting is something you cannot miss on a trip to Bali. It is one of the popular recreational activities among travelers flying to Bali on an excursion. A little challenging but full of thrill, white water rafting is done using an inflatable raft to navigate the river by a group of people. You can experience the sport for something around $41 to 45.

7.       Banana Boat: Get a thrilling ride on the inflatable Banana shaped boat towed by a speed boat on the vivacious beaches of Bali. The boat can carry a group of 5 together that lets you enjoy the exciting ride with your friends shouting your heart out with every dodgy tide. All this can be availed at a nominal cost of $17 to $20 after cheap flights to Bali, Indonesia from UK.
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