The spiritual and cultural center of the Sikh riligion, Amritsar houses the world famous the Golden Temple. The city is a tourism hub for visitors coming to India taking cheap flights to Amritsar from all across the globe.The much admired activities in the district are tourism, handicrafts, carpets and fabrics, farm produce, service trades and light engineering.

5 must watch places on a trip to Amritsar:

The Divine Golden Temple: Popularly known as the Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib, this gurudwara is acclaimed as the holiest abode of the Sikhs all over the world. The two storied stunning shrine wraped with around 400 kg of pure gold, is echoed with enchanting hymns and devotional songs the whole day. This intriguing holy spot is beautifully surrounded by white marble corridor and a fortified wall with eighteen gates. As the town is swathed in moonlight, the temple flaunts magnificent views that leave the visitors spell cound with this very charm.

The gurudwara is surrounded by a large lake (sarovar) which is believed to be containing water with medicinal properties. They call it Amrit ‘the holy water’. Devotees bathe in this lake to purify their soul. The city got its name after this Amrit Sarovar. 

Wagah Border: The border station of Atari and the Wagah checkpost between India and Pakistan that lies about 28 kms from Amritsar, Wagah Border is the second most popular place around Amritsar that draws immense tourism to the district. People coming here with book cheap flight tickets to Amritsar from London enjoy the exhilarating show with the change of guards and retreat of troops at sundown. The drill carried out with aggressive posturing and sabre-rattling, offers tremendous pleasure to the spectators on both sides. It is the only overland opening between the two countries which still hold intimidating relations ever since India got sovereignty in 1947.   

Jallianwala Bagh: Among other popular heritage locations in the city, this is a place that holds immense sygnificance to the people of this nation. It is a garden that witnessed mass killing by General Dyer, who was solely responsible for the Jallianwala Massacre. The hair-raising incident of open firing at around 2000 people, out of whom 400 died and around 1500 were left injured, still has an impression on every Indian citizen’s heart. People ran here and there and even jumped in the well to save themselves but died too. There is a gallery at the premises that depicts the entire freedom struggle.

Go nuts while shopping in Amritsar 

One may get an extra bag with the luggage to keep the unlimited clothes, jewelry and souvenirs from this dazlling urban. Shop to your ultimate delight from the bizarre lanes, bazaars, malls and squares spread across the length and breadth of the destrict. The main shopping spots here are the Hall Bazar, katra Jaimal Singh and Lawrence Road. Among various must buy things an extensive range of woolen carpets and blankets, modern and ethnic clothes, shawls, woolen textiles, bangles, juttis (traditional shoes) and phulkari work duppattas the much admired offerings of this Punjabi metropolis. 

Capture the essence of Indian Festivals in Amritsar:  A visit to this captivating city by flights to Amritsar cannot be fully accomplished without participating in one of the most popular festival celebrations happening throughout the year. Ram Tirath Fair that takes place about a fortnight after Diwali, is one such celebration that runs continuously for five days. The place located at a distance of 11 km from Amritsar, holds a mythological significance. Over 1 lac pilgrims visit the place during this glorious fair. Another grand festival in Amritsar is Diwali. Diwali fair held at the Golden Temple non-stop for three days. It offers numerous illuminations and pyrotechnic displays while people take holy dip in the sacred tank, and carry out parikarma around the holy temple. Basant Panchmi at Chheharta Sahib is yet another festival that is celebrated with great enthusiasm on the fifth day of the bright half of the month of Magh (according to Hindu calendar).

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