Flights to Bangalore are the best possible way to experience the constant change of society under various different times. Yes, with an impeccable historical records spanning quite a few hundred years, Bangalore is probably the ultimate of the melting pots of the individual cultures of Hindu, Mughal and English thereby leading to the culmination of the all and rising into a unique form which truly us reminds of the different traditions of rich past.

Hence, the city of monuments as it can be very aptly called is never to fall short of places to discover and get to know of. Instead time is what turns out to be the most precious thing in demand when it comes to getting to know about the real Bangalore.

Is it all of wandering in the realms of the distant past when it comes to taking the cheap flight tickets to India from London? Not at all, the city is the seamless blend of the old and the new to whose tunes one is sure to tap their feet’s even for once and can’t help but fall in love with. Starting from an all action packed one to a relaxing laid back holiday the excitement ranges from far and wide genres to which one just needs let them flow along and enjoy to the fullest.

Climate of Bangalore

Take the flights to Bangalore any time of the year and just thank the weather for it. Yes, being also famous as the ‘air-conditioned city’, the climatic conditions are the most favorable for the tourists enabling them to visit the conurbation literally anytime of the time and relieving them of the time related worries. In the conurbation the lowest average winter temperatures and the highest average summer temperatures stay between 15.4 °C and 38.9 °C. The climatic type is of typical Savanna type demarcated clearly into dry and wet seasons. Septembers is the wettest month, followed October and August. The best time to visit Bangalore is literally through-out the year the year, with the months from October to February being most popular.

Places to visit

Got the cheap flights to Bangalore from London? It is better that you make a list of the things to visit beforehand considering the wide availabilities.

·         The most of the tourist attracting places includes the likes of Iskcon Sri Radha Krishna Temple Bangalore, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Wonder La Amusement Park and Bangalore Palace among others.

·         Vidhana Soudha, the state legislature is being counted as the largest secretariat in India and was constructed in between 1951 and 1956 which is also a place of prime tourist importance. Built entirely of granite in the Dravidian style the architecture is truly enchanting and captivates the tourists visiting it.

·         Another distinctive member in the list of must to see places is the State Archaeological Museum, which is also one of the oldest museums in India. The core building of the massive structure was built in 1876 following the lines of classical Greco-Roman style and later adhered to this design.The color of the building was also done in red in keeping with the other monumental structures of the time.

Eat, shop and dine

One is sure to suffer from non-stop salivation while having a round of the culinary voyage. Bhath, dosas, idlis, and pongal all are not only really mouth-watering but also catches the fancy of the visiting foreigners too. 

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