Hyderabad or Cyberabad or the Nizam City, India, is unarguably one of the most visited historical places for the undying culture, heritage wealthy monuments, beautifully crafted and kept gardens, sparkling jewellery and the aromatic Biryani. The city has substantially gained tourism momentum over the past many decades as the back packers keep thronging to this incredibly stunning city by taking cheap flights to Hyderabad from London for its amazing gastronomic delights apart from the culture and heritage.
Hyderabadi Biryani – A royal word symbolizing Nizam culture

The dish as signature and rich as the place is prepared in a unique style that blends the Mughal kitchen with the style of cooking practiced by Nizams. If authentically and carefully made, it‘s an epicure’s paradise. Ask any food junkie about their favorite Indian delicacy and Biryani is sure to feature on the list of top 5.

Essentially a rice and meat dish, soaked in traditional home made oil and a whole long list of exotic spices; it is prepared on a low flame on firewood for a significant time and is best tasted when served with a spiced yoghurt preparation couple up with boiled eggs. This is one such dish that doesn’t need any accompaniment and is a wholesome meal in itself.

Replicas made in every nook and corner of the world can’t even stand remotely close to the ones being prepared in the rustic old restaurants of the narrow lanes of Hyderabad by some 4th or 5th generation families. Other captivating delicacies are   Feeling hungry already!!! Hop on to flights to India and lose yourself in the splendor and glory of this iconic creation.

Double ka Meetha, a delight for the sweet toothy

Double ka Meetha or bread and cashew nut pudding made with bread, sugar, dry fruits, pre homemade oil and milk is a doubly delight for anyone having the sweet tooth. Another iconic dish as Biryani, is usually served afterwards the spiced condiments leave your taste buds craving for something sweet. Any jaded palate is surely to be wooed by the plethora of delectable desserts this city has on the offer.

The other notable ones are Qubani ka Meetha - a stewed apricot dessert, Ande ka Piyosi – a sweet dish made with eggs, almonds and purified butter, Badam ki Jhab, a candy and Dil e Firdaus, a rich, milk-based sweet. Savoring all this is only a click away, book your low cost flight tickets to Hyderabad and land on the city of Nawabs.

What’s more on the platter to explore?

Burn some calories after relishing the delicacies and hit the city screaming with its rich heritage. To avoid the hassle, we have conjoined the ready reckoner of top 10 things to do in Hyderabad:

1.       Visit Charminar, the landmark of Hyderabad with 4 graceful minarets.

2.       Propose your love or get proposed on a boat ride at the Hussain Sagar Lake, popular for its 18 metre tall Buddhha statue

3.       Golconda Fort, on city outskirts, the opulent fortress complex

4.       Mecca Masjid, for its splendid architecture and doting history

5.       Purani Haveli, official residence of Nizam

6.       Falaknuma Palace, a beautiful synthesis of Italian architecture and Mughal ambience

7.       Birla Mandir, an uphill Hindu temple made of milky white marbles

8.       Ramoji Film City, 2000 acre spread Asia’s largest integrated film studio complex

9.       Buy exquisite bangles, jewellery and preciously pure pearls at Laad or Chudi Bazaar

10.   Visual treat at 120 acres spread Botanical Gardens for its rare plants and trees and rich grasslands

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