Kozhikode, a Vasco da Gama discovery

Kozhikode very aptly called as the Eastern Venice by travelers, stands true to its title because of its breathtaking surroundings, lush green landscapes and water everywhere your eye balls can roll. While in Kozhikode, keep everything on halt and just immerse neck deep into the astounding waterfalls feeling the nature’s womb.

An ideal location for budget travelers, Monsoons is the best time to visit as the rains play around the city amazingly. What makes it a budget location are cheap fight to Kozhikode, best Kerala holiday deals and an absolute value for money experience.

Tread the Path Less Traveled

Very few know the discrete and tranquilizing places around Kozhikode that are untouched yet serene. Here are the infamously unexplored destinations around Kozhikode:

Lakkidi – Relaxination

Just 60 kms away from Kozhikode, well connected by road, this relaxing destination or “relaxination” has some dense forest covers, mountain peaks and flowing streams to leave the visitors with their jaw opened in amaze. Visit Muthunga wild life sanctuary for its exotic species of animals and birds.

In evening, get into a resort amidst the nature at its surreal best, grab a recliner in balcony and just do nothing, but wonder at the God’s infinitely beautiful creations. It’s certainly the best way to unwind over a Kerala holiday by taking flights to India.

Thalassery - City of Seven Hills

Kerala’s first “Heritage Town” and the “City of Seven Hills”, Thalassery, is a location for many distinct moods for travelers. Thalassery Fort, St. John’s Anglican Church and The Thiruvangad Sri Ramaswamy Temple are the stoppage for those historically inclined while Muzhupilangad, one of the very few drive-in beaches, is the one for adventure freaks and water babies.

This place has some beautiful mural painted temples for the divine souls like The Sree Kandeswara Temple, Odathil Mosque and Jagannath Temple. Reserve some time in your slot for the not-to-be-missed Cake Exhibitions held in the city known for its 3Cs, Cricket, Cake & Circus.

Bay and the Beaches at Kannur

Just 80 kms away from bustling Kozhikode, a placid Kannur has an unbeatable charm to be voted as a must see place in the top 10 in India. Despite St. Angelo’s fort for its Portugal remains, Moppila Bay engulfs the visitors for a boat trip around.

Ideal for a family picnic, a laid back evening or an enigmatic sunset, Payyambalam Beach leaves the wayfarers awestruck for its cleanliness and well structured gardens. Don’t forget to admire the huge landscaped sculpture of mother & child erected by eminent sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman.

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