Goa is one of the biggest holiday lands in Indian subcontinent, a premium tourist destination that is easily reachable by cheap flights to Goa, India through Flightstoindia travel website. Goa is a very tiny state of Indian Union but carrying a huge reputation as a holiday spot, known as the party capital of India, if you are looking for non-stop party and fun then Goa is a place for you in India. Book for cheap Goa tour packages to explore this magnificent Indian city, globally known as Goa.

Goa – Indian Beach Paradise

Goa is a small a small state in located on the Western Ghats of Indian subcontinent. one of the smallest states of India, sitting on the shores of Arabic Sea and making this world fortunate with its care free and fun loving nature. You can also be more fortunate by booking your cheap flight tickets to Goa and enjoy some of the best times.

The Other Face of Goa

Goa is globally known as a place where you only go for party, well this is a fact to the most of the extents, but there is another face of Goa too, which is not wild and funky. This face of Goa is calm, serine and angelic. We are talking about the cultural face of this beautiful city, because no one can party or enjoy partying for a very long time, once in a while you need to calm down and feed the real human the food of culture and civilization.

Must Visit Cultural Places of Interest with Cheap Goa Flights from London

Basilica of Bom Jesus: One of the World Heritage sites situated in Goa, one of the most serine places you can find in Goa, this huge Basilica is home for the mortal memories of St. Francis Xavier. Built in around 1605 and located in Old Goa region, this ‘Basilica of Bom Jesus’ is one of the oldest Portuguese architectures in Goa.

Fontainhas: One of the oldest neighborhoods in Goa, if you want to see the real Portuguese influence in Goan culture, then just visit Fontainhas this neighborhood which is located in the capital region of Goa named Panjim, is a great place to experience the same. Chaotic small markets and narrow streets, filled with nice but small food vendors and other shops, Fontainhas is one totally different experience in Goa.

Se Cathedral: Se Cathedral is known as the largest church in India and also in Asia, quite a remarkable place to visit, very calm and way too angelic. Located in Old Goa, Se Cathedral is a remarkable sight and one of the most visited cultural Buildings in Goa.

Shri Mahalasa Temple: Shri Mahalasa Temple is an enchanting Hindu Temple, dedicated to the female incarnation of Hindu God the Vishnu, one of the most unique Hindu Temples in the world, Shri Mahalasa Temple is surely worth a visit on while you land in goad through buying flight tickets to Goa.

Velhas Conquistas: Velhas Conquistas is another interesting tourist attraction that you might want to visit during your Goa family vacation. Velhas Conquistas meaning the Old Conquest comprises of 4 administrative districts of Goa. This region is mainly popular for its Goa-Portuguese style of architecture.

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