Indore Diary: Settled beautifully on the banks of Rivers Saraswati and Khan, Indore is one of the fastest growing metropolitans with an impressive industrial upsurge. Dotted with lush green boundaries, the city is surrounded by stunning Satpura Range and draws huge number of travelers through flights to Indore.  

It is the largest city of Madhaya Pradesh that has an impeccable upmarket lifestyle. A central power city, this urban exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, technology and entertainment and also is the commercial capital of the state. One can easily reach the amazing Indian metropolis with cheap flights to Indore.

Tourism Dynamics      

With a grand architechtural and cultural inheritance, there’s an incredible tourist footfall, and the city embraces its guests with equal zeal. Apart from a strikinglist of tourist spots, one may find infinite night out opportunities that allows a never-ending celebration in the capital. Let’s take a look on the best of party options available here. 

10 Great Party Hotspots in Indore                                                                                                                           

1)      Sheesha Sky Lounge: Dip into the charismatic pool of pungent food and wine and pamper your yearning for a mystifying evening. A perfect place for fine dine and private parties, Sheesha presents a unique blend of royal and contemporary setting that lets you unleash from top to bottom.

2)      Critical Mass (Sayaji): One place that has been winning hearts of people with enormous entertainment actions for years is Sayaji. The oldest club of Indore, Critical Mass is the place for party buffs.

3)      Level 3: The Level 3 Club Lounge and Bar is one of the best discotheques in Indore city; and is located on the second floor of Mangal City Mall. The club has an outstanding DJ and music system that takes the crowd by storm playing maddening tunes to the utmost intensity.

4)      O2: O2 Disc and Lounge is another great place to get drunk and hit the floor with non-stop music played by best DJ in the city. A little expensive though, O2 offers a captivating ambiance and service to its guests visiting the city taking cheap flight tickets to Indore.

5)      Casablanca: A place perfect for those who love to spend endless moments in an open air lounge having splendid food in a pleasant ambiance. Casablanca is not a pub or a nigh club but an idyllic party spot.

6)      Chasers: With a fair space for a grand nigh out bash, Chasers is an excellent pub cum restaurant in the heart of Indore. From classic wine to delicious cuisines and engraving music selection, everything here is just apt for spending a memorable evening on a trip to Indore.

7)      Trance The Pub: Situated on the Ab Road, Indore, this pub has a unique style and presentation and is meant just for adults. It’s a place with more of a sophisticated backdrop and hence a perfect nightout destination for vacationers.  

8)      On the Rocks: As the name suggests, On the Rocks offers an irresistable collection of quality wine and beverages in a decent interior. This disc cum bar is another good place that goes easy on pocket as well.

9)      Shiros: With an impressive menu and enticing atmosphere, Shiroz Lounge and Bar is an appealing party destination for birthday and other private celebrations. Moreover, it offers a grand bash at a considerably reasonable price.

10)   Lava: If you are looking for a good night club in Old Indore area, Lava the Pub is surely a great option. Offering fine liquor and food, the place is apt for any kind of celebration or a nightout in the city for vacationers coming here taking flight tickets to Indore .

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