Calling Amritsar, Punjab the “Food Capital of India” won’t be an understatement. While travelling through the narrow roads of the popular markets of Amritsar, one can come across many such rustic restaurants serving the authentic north Indian cuisine, which no other place serving replicas can beat. This is one of the popular reasons that keep bringing food lovers in north India by taking Cheap flights to Amritsar, Punjab from London, UK and worldwide.

The Spicy and the Famous Restaurants in Amritsar

In Amritsar, where name of places are synonyms to the popular foods of the locality, it’s not a Herculean task to find the best ones. From free sit down food alias Guru ka Langar served at the Golden Temple to the restaurants of culinary perfectionists, this city has it all. The traditional granny invented homemade recipes coupled up with secret aromatic spices; the mystery behind the magical food is still unwrapped.

Travel experts at Crystal Travel recommend the following 5 must visit restaurants in Amritsar with their signature preparations:

1.       Guru ka Langar at Golden Temple: Guru ka Langar or communal kitchen at the holy shrine  offers traditionally cooked daal (black beans) in an earthen pot on low flame continuously stirred along with wheat flour chapattis and kheer (sweet rice pudding). The volunteers and devotees cooking at the temple since years have some unique taste distinguishing the food from the rest, call it their culinary perfection or the magic of the holy ambience.

2.       Thick than Thickest Lassi at Ahuja’s: Lassi or buttermilk, a welcome drink of Punjab, made from yoghurt, usually so thick in consistency that fails the law of gravity. The Ahuja’s and the Kundan’s, near Hindu College, are the pioneers serving food enthusiasts since decades.

3.       Parantha Thali at Kesar Da Dhaba: Going to Amritsar and not visiting this place can be a sin in a food lover’s list. Kesar da Dhaba at Chowk Passion is run by 4th generation and having an open kitchen so that the nostrils can have a virtual feast till the time food hits the table. The aroma of stuffed paranthas, Kesar wali Daal, Paneer bhurji (crumbled cheese) and Palak Paneer (cheese in blended spinach gravy) are the highlights and must have.

4.       Amritsari Kulcha at Maqbool Road: The dish originating out from the city only clearly personifies the very significance. Bread like preparation stuffed with layers of potatoes, onions, spices and chillies served tamarind chana (chickpea) and terrific pickle is the tastiest one can ever have in Amritsar.

5.       Tandoori Chicken at Surjit Food Plaza: Visited and recommended by many including several Indian and international celebrities, the first thing to look out here is the warm ambience. Though the place is quintessentially famous for almost all its dishes, Tandoori chicken (chicken marinated in spices & grilled) and Amritsari fish are the ones to die for apart from Butter chicken.

With so many take away options, be sure to carry some dry assorted fruits, sweets and dried papads to relish after the memorable Flights to India.

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